Facebook Reach Calculator Says… Go with CoPromote

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Everyone’s upset about Facebook’s decreasing organic reach for pages. The good folks at Shift Communications have done something constructive about it: they created a calculator so that people could estimate the cost of reaching their own audience.

You can find the calculator here: http://www.shiftcomm.com/facebook-page-cost-calculator/

Using ourselves as examples, here’s what CoPromote could expect to spend in order to reach our own fans on Facebook, using Shift’s calculator.

CoPromote FB Friends, followers, fans: 26,513
Promoted Posts per day: 3

With 26513 Likes, your Facebook budget to have 3 post(s) by your page seen by 100% of your current Likes is $397.70 per day.

Plan to spend $103402.00 for the remainder of 2014 on Facebook Promoted Posts at 3 per day if you want all of your current Likes to see your Promoted Posts.

Almost $400 to reach our own followers, with little chance or reaching new people or extending our network.

Fortunately, on CoPromote, you can reach new people with every post – for free. And, if you decide to pay or subscribe, you can definitely reach more new people through us for less.

Best of all, CoPromote is 100% opt-in, so everything that is being shared through us has been reviewed and endorsed by the people sharing it.

Plus, you can add them to your CoPromote network, which means they are almost 100% more likely to share your posts again next time they see them.

Give it a try, and let us know: How much would it cost you to reach your own people on Facebook? Then join us and a community of content creators dedicated to sharing each other’s posts and reaching new people.


CoPromote Launches “My Network”: Share to Boost Your Posts, Reach More People

Great news, CoPromote members – we’ve launched another feature you requested: My Network.

Why is this great news? Two reasons:

  • Every time you share someone’s posts, they’re added to your network, boosting your promotions reach.
  • CoPromote members who share your post once are 97% more likely to support you again.

To see your network, log in and go to your pending requests queue and click on the View My Network button.

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To grow your network, simply share fellow CoPromoter’s posts. The bigger your network, the more people your posts can reach.

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Login with Facebook or Twitter: https://copromote.com/

CoPromote Partners with George Michael


CoPromote originally created to help musicians promote each other on the social web, and even though we’ve expanded our platform to other industries, we still have a soft spot for musicians.

So, we are very happy to announce that we have partnered with George Michael’s management team to help promote his Symphonica album.

Symphonica recently debuted at #1 on the charts, making it his seventh solo #1 and the first time one of Michael’s solo albums has hit that spot in over ten years.

As part of their campaign, they have created a mosaic where fans can tag their names to be entered into a contest to win a copy of the Symphonica lyric book. They’ve also launched an app, for both Android and iOs. And they’re giving away rare, autographed print.

Be on the lookout for promotion requests from George Michael. The more you share, the more you grow your network and boost your own reach.

Independent Content Creators, Rejoice! Millennials Trust You 50% More Than Professionals

According to a recent post on Mashable.com, Millennials (that coveted group of tech-savvy teens and early-30-somethings), trust content generated by their peers 50% more than they trust content created by professionals. They also claim it is 35% more memorable.

This is great news for CoPromote members, most of whom are independent content creators–musicians, bloggers, artisans, and small businesses. Combined with the fact that people join CoPromote with the intent of sharing each other’s posts, the additional trust factor boosts the likelihood that your content will be shared and reach new people.

Check the chart below for some more interesting data. When you’re ready to join a community that will trust your content, share it often, and help boost your visibility on the social web, we’ll be happy to help get you started.



Get More Social Bang For Your Tweets Than Katy Perry Or Oprah

A recent study by Online Journalism Blog looked at the click through rates for celebrities and drew a few interesting conclusions that CoPromote members may find useful:

  1. Celebrities with more balanced follower-to-following ratios (they followed people back), resulted in better engagement rates (more click throughs, retweets)
  2. Accounts that reply and retweet followers also had better engagement rates
  3. Politicians, due to the viral nature of their cause-centered work, tended to have better engagements than celebrities.

While you may not be a celebrity or a politician, these are three good points to keep in mind when managing your social media:

  1. Follow back
  2. Reply/retweet
  3. Share content with broad appeal

On CoPromote, our average RT rate is 15%, meaning that for every 100 views a request gets, members can expect 15 shares. This is  higher than the average engagement rate partly because members join CoPromote to do one thing: reach new people by sharing each other’s posts. Check the graphs and excerpts below for a preview, and click through for the rest of the report and details.

% of Followers Clicking

  • “famous individuals with a higher CTR tend to have a better followers to followed ratio”

Percentage of Followers Clicking

Followers-to-following Ratio Followers per Following

  • “Another factor that comes into play is also the number of @ tweets that each person sends.”

% of Followers Retweeting Percentage of Followers Retweeting

  • “Politicians have a ready-made audience who may be more likely to support their causes and retweet their tweets.”

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